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HYBRID'S SMALL WORLD (IN PROGRESS, but still accepting members!)

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Post by 119yearsold on Wed Sep 05, 2018 3:58 pm

Nisah / Crater Edge / Horned-Cat Form / Wounded

Nisah heard someone yelling. Is this what Hell sounds like?
But when she realized she was still alive, Nisah noticed another Hybrid, a Light, standing close by. However, when she looked her way she only saw a blurry mess and two glowing white dots.
Then Nisah made out what she was saying.
"Come out of the shadows, Dark!"
Wait a minute, She thought, This Hybrid is on my side!
The Light stepped closer. She could see her clearly now, with milky white eyes, dark violet hair, and doe-like ears. The glowing white seemed to be part of her Power, as the dots came from her hands.

Suddenly she remembered what was going on. Nisah turned her head around, and saw Varoth facing the Light, ready for battle.
Even though she was in danger, Nisah couldn't help thinking, this is gonna be good.

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Re: HYBRID'S SMALL WORLD (IN PROGRESS, but still accepting members!)

Post by DragonTalon on Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:50 pm

Varoth / Crater Edge / Fine

Varoth starred at the Light and smirked. “And a Light with this Neutral? Haha, this just gets more and more fun”. Varoth shot his claws out of his hands and summoned another golem. He and the golem went opposite sides and charged at Naya’il and Nisah. Next he teleported behind Naya’il and clawed at her while the golem was charging an attack.

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